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At Fleurissimo NYC, a wedding florist in Long Island NY,  we understand the unforgettable role that wedding flower arrangements play in setting the ambiance for the celebration of your love. That’s why we approach wedding floral design with elegance and grace, custom-arranged to match your individual style and needs. After all, the memories of your special day last a lifetime—and we’ll ensure that your blooms are as strong as your love for one another.

Our goal is to make your fairytale wedding a reality from the very first page and beyond. From engagement parties, bridal showers, wedding ceremonies, and receptions, we have the expertise to make these moments as beautiful as the love you share with the love of your life. From table centerpieces to intricate flower arch designs, no detail is spared in seeing that your arrangements are a beautifully stunning focal point for you and your guests-—and one that you’ll continue to appreciate when looking back at your wedding photos for years and years to come. 

Our floral experts will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your vision is carried through every bouquet and corner of your venue. We promise that you and your guests will be dazzled by the breathtaking fine touches and details our team adds to every floral arrangement, flawlessly mixing our expertise with your specific wants and needs. Our meticulous process of choosing and placing every stem and bloom is guaranteed to make your day as magical as you’ve always imagined.

If you’re looking for wedding florist in Long Island NY to make your “happily-ever-after” moment an extraordinarily elegant yet affordable experience, look no further than the Fleurissimo NYC.

We offer:

  • ​FREE consultation to discuss the vision, style, and decor for your special day and the events leading up to your nuptials

  • Sophisticated floral designs created just for you. With your vision and our expertise, the possibilities are truly endless

  • Incomparable service at an affordable price

  • Elegant flowers chosen with the highest of standards, imported from all over the world

  • A selection of exquisite decor and vases 


​Trust our floral experts to create the moment of a lifetime for the beginning of your life together. Reach out for your free consultation and let us help make your event the perfect day you deserve. 

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Wedding Chuppahs and Arches  | Best Wedding Florist In Long Island NY


4:30 pm

Once a couple has chosen their wedding ceremony venue, their thoughts quickly turn to how they are going to decorate it; what colour scheme will they choose? What floral arrangements will they have? And arguably most importantly, what type of backdrop will they choose when saying those all-important vows? Wedding chuppahs and arches are proving a popular choice among couples and as one of the best wedding florist in Long Island NY, Fleurissimo are here to tell you why they will make the perfect backdrop for your ceremony! 

The ‘wow’ factor

If you are looking for something that will be the main focal point for your ceremony, look no further than a wedding chuppah or arch. Positioned centrally at the end of your aisle, it will be the first thing your guests (and you!) see as they step into your ceremony venue and the last thing they will forget! Chuppahs and arches are a wedding photographer’s dream and are a great way to tie together a colour scheme. Little details like matching your bouquet flowers to the floral arrangement in your chuppah or arch will see your venue transform into the wedding of your dreams!

They complement any theme 

Whether you are having an indoor wedding, or an outdoor occasion, a summer celebration or a winter wonderland theme, chuppahs and arches make the perfect backdrop and can be adapted in any way to suit your theme. 

If you are hoping for an outdoor summer ceremony, gorgeous roses and peonies in shades of pink and blush will add the perfect romantic touch to your special day. A few forget-me-knots placed thoughtfully throughout will mean your ‘something blue’ is taken care of! 

If you have chosen to say your ‘I dos’ in the winter months, opt for lots of lush green foliage for your chuppah or arch. Drape over some white silk and add some winter berries in shades of red or purple to add some colour into your cosy theme. Why not have a crown to match? Imagine those photos! 


Wedding chuppahs and arches are a great way to tie together your floral arrangements and these are just a couple of reasons why you should definitely consider them for your big day. Wherever or whenever you choose to get married, being one of the  best wedding florist in Long Island NY, Fleurissimo are ready to help you plan the chuppah or arch you have been dreaming of! 

Wedding Florist In Long Island NY | Why your wedding would benefit from Low Centerpieces


10:00 am

Fleurissimo know just how important floral arrangements are to any wedding, regardless of its size, location or theme. Couples often spend a lot of time choosing the floral arrangements for their ceremony (rightly so!), but getting the centerpieces right for your wedding reception tables is just as important. As one of the best wedding florist in Long Island NY, Fleurissimo are here to tell you why you should consider low centerpieces for your big day. 

Don’t distract from your beautiful venue

Many couples opt for low centerpieces because they want their guests to focus on the beauty of their chosen reception venue. Whether it be a candlelit meal under the summer sky in Italy or a banquet in a grand hotel here in Long Island NY, couples choose their venue for a reason and they certainly don’t want it to be forgotten among towering floral arrangements. 

Low centerpieces are the perfect way to add to the beauty of a venue, rather than steal the attention. Plus, low centerpieces are far more intimate and will mean your guests will be able to engage in conversation across the table; something that can prove more difficult with larger centerpieces! 

Low centerpieces can be budget friendly 

Low centerpieces tend to be smaller than tall or hanging centerpieces, which means in general, they are cheaper. This is great news for your budget and means that you will have more money to spend on other areas of your special day. And smaller certainly doesn’t mean less beautiful; Fleurissimo can create perfect low centerpieces for your tables that will leave your guests swooning! 

Incorporate other elements with low centerpieces 

If you are somebody that has been dreaming of lavish centerpieces that are the ‘main event’ for your reception tables, but either your budget won’t stretch that far or you are conscious it may stop your guests from being able to see each other, you could consider adding other elements to your centerpieces. 

Terrariums are a great way to complement low floral centerpieces and won’t block your guests’ view! Candlesticks are another great way to add a little height (and light!) to your tables without taking anything away from the rest of your décor. 


Low centerpieces are becoming popular among couples and it is easy to see why! As one of the best wedding florist in Long Island NY, Fleurissimo can help you choose the perfect centerpieces for the wedding of your dreams! 

What a florist will need to know about your wedding ? |  Long Island Wedding Florist | NYC Florist 


11:30 am

You’re engaged (congratulations!) and you’ve started to think about your dream wedding; the venue, your guests and the flowers! As long island wedding florist, Fleurissimo absolutely love helping couples plan their special day. In order to get the most out of your first appointment with a florist, it is always helpful to arrive already knowing the answers to the following questions:


  1. What is your budget?

This one is arguably the most important, which is why it is number one. Knowing a couple’s budget will help a florist with a number of things; knowing the types of arrangements they can recommend, knowing a realistic number of arrangements they can offer and knowing the types of flowers that would make your wedding dreams a reality. 


  2. When are you getting married?

 In order to give couples an accurate quote, florists will need to know what time of year you are getting married. Flowers are seasonal, which means if you are planning a winter wedding for example, certain flowers may not be available or there may be an extra cost to import them from somewhere else. 


  3. Where are you getting married?

This may seem obvious but knowing the venue of your wedding is also very important; the size and style of your chosen venue will impact the type of floral arrangements a florist can offer you and the amount they recommend too. Bringing along photos of your venue will be really useful to help florists envision your ideas and will help them give you an accurate and realistic quote. 


  4. What is your color scheme? 

It is helpful to have an idea of the colors you like so that a florist can show you what they can offer. Florists are professionals and know exactly what colors work together. Perhaps they will suggest adding a pop of a color you hadn’t even considered before your meeting! 


“But what if we don’t know exactly what we want?!”

Please do not worry if your ideas are a little rough around the edges! As long island wedding florist, it is Fleurissimo’s absolute pleasure to help you design the wedding of your dreams. As professionals, Fleurissimo will be able to guide you through the planning process and help you to execute your visions perfectly. We always look forward to meeting our clients and that next client could be you! 

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