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Green Juices
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Fresh flowers and plants heighten the atmosphere of any workplace or living  environment with their warmth, beauty and sense of serenity. Blossoms and greenery make a positive statement while providing the myriad benefits of nature. Your colleagues and visitors alike will appreciate the extra touch that a flower delivery subscription adds to your space.

Fleurissimo NYC would love to  bring our expert sense of design to your surroundings on a regular basis.  Whether it’s florals every week or once a month, you’ll be delighted with the joy that a flower subscription will bring.  Please contact our customer service staff to get started. One of our design professionals will visit your space and create a customized proposal and delivery schedule that is best suited to your needs.

Whether it’s an office, hotel, retail store, boutique or restaurant, your business can greatly benefit by showing your clients that you pay attention to detail. Greeting them with artfully presented flowers makes a fantastic first impression and will leave them with an overall good feeling towards your company. Fleurissimo NYC has the experience and the know how to provide these valuable benefits consistently and delightfully throughout the seasons.

Why choose Fleurissimo ?

Fleurissimo NYC takes great pride in fashioning the perfect floral creations for your environment using hand selected premium flowers from all over the world. We provide full service to establish a warm and professional relationship with each client so that we are sure to stay on top of your needs and maintain a high level of excellence. Also, weekly flowers are offered at discounted prices. As our subscription service has grown we have been able to purchase premium flowers in larger quantities enabling us to pass the saving on to our clients. In addition, all containers are provided on a loan basis, free of charge! And you are under no obligation, you may cancel your subscription at any time.  What’s more, your dedicated account manager will oversee all the details of your plan, making sure that everything is always just righ

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