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Tamara Fine & Eli Razavi's Timeless Wedding At Boweryhotel / Fleurissimo

Wedding Date: 07/10/23

Bride & Groom: Tamara Fine & Eli Razavi

Venue: @boweryhotel_events 

Planning : @sophie.landry_ 

Photo: @loreto_caceres_photography 

Band: @blazeband 

Makeup: @makeupbylucas 

Hair: @dolohair 

Dress: @rimearodaky 

Suit: @ralphlauren

335 Bowery is more than just an address in New York. It is the number that marks The Bowery Hotel, where every corner is filled with warmth and a charming personality. Red brick walls, factory-style windows, and other industrial elements bring a sense of old New York style with a hint of classic decor.

The eclectic and artistic neighborhood where this wedding was held provided a unique vibe to the event. The Bowery Hotel has plenty of vintage elements such as their furniture, lamps, chandeliers, and art. While the exterior appears industrial, it all blends together so well, turning The Bowery Terrace into a perfect setting to celebrate love.

Having such a unique canvas can be complicated when it comes to choosing wedding flowers, but as your favorite New York wedding florist, we knew exactly how to make the most out of this wedding venue. With a timeless wedding combination of white and green, you can never go wrong. There is so much beauty and elegance in this color palette; you can add delicate details while keeping the background intact. Every corner of The Bowery has such a strong presence; we didn't want to compete with our floral creations.

The Bowery Terrace, with its large factory-style windows, was the perfect spot for this couple's ceremony and reception. The ceremony flowers included the same color palette, with vibrant greens and delicate ivory and whites.

A touch of dark blue, brought by beautiful white anemone flowers, provided the perfect contrast for these wedding flowers. Chuppah flowers for the ceremony included one large floral arrangement with plenty of fragrant white roses and lush greenery. Delicate light entered from the windows while floating candles brought romance to the scene.

For the reception, our couple kept the timeless vibe, with white tablecloths, clear glassware, and white wedding flowers. The neutral decor complemented the red brick walls and classic ceiling lamps. Having such a wonderful wedding venue is simply a New York wedding florist's dream come true. You can sense a perfect balance between architectural beauty and natural beauty from their many plants across the terrace.

Each rectangular table had a combination of floral elements and floating candles, creations scattered across each table, such as single stem glasses with anemone flowers and tulips, along with classic gold vase centerpieces including delicate florals and greenery.

And let's not forget about the protagonists of this wedding.

The bride had such a timeless look, finished with a modern wedding bouquet, including the same color palette as the rest of their celebration. The groom wore a classic black suit with a white shirt and black bow tie to complete the look.

The magic of the day was both in the details and the celebration of love. As the sun set over The Bowery, casting a golden glow on the terrace, guests mingled, laughed, and danced under the twinkling lights. The harmony of the venue with the carefully chosen floral arrangements created an ambiance of elegance, perfectly encapsulating the essence of New York chic.

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