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Grace & Gaven

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Grace and Gaven started their love story years ago and decided to tie the knot, beginning a life together in one of the most magical spots in the entire city: the iconic St. Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Avenue. What can go wrong when you choose this city landmark as the place to exchange vows and make love and life promises to your loved one? No wedding florist in NYC can resist having a couple walk down that aisle.

The heartfelt ceremony gathered friends and family to celebrate their love against a unique backdrop of intricate and detailed Gothic style. The chandeliers, high ceilings, and beautiful stained glass were the perfect setting for them to say 'I do.' A fresh and light-colored bridal bouquet gave Grace a touch of luxury as she walked down the aisle, complemented by Gaven's single-flower boutonnière.

After the ceremony, their families and wedding party gathered for a beautiful photoshoot at the front door of the cathedral, where pink blooms framed the moment in all its natural beauty. The bridesmaids wore beautiful sage green dresses that matched the overall wedding vibe, complemented by a delicate wedding floral design: white bouquets including seasonal blooms with a bit of greenery for a fresh feel.

The garden ambiance continued at their reception, where we incorporated our wedding floral design into a greenery wall for an amazing entrance, including a neon sign. The venue boasted a timeless design with beautiful chandeliers, a stone fireplace, and a unique ceiling reminiscent of the 1920s design era. Round tables with neutral white tablecloths balanced the space just right.

In terms of decoration, the couple wanted a touch of luxury, so we combined tall golden vases and shorter ones to make the most of the room's details. The centerpieces had a natural shape with fresh blooms and greenery, as if you had simply gathered flowers from a hill and gracefully placed them on each table. We combined white and light pink tones for a hint of color.

Since the stone fireplace was such an incredible feature, we couldn't miss the opportunity to add luxury wedding flowers. As your wedding florist in NYC, we love having these sweet spots for our wedding floral designs. We didn’t want to entirely cover the fireplace, as its design is amazing, so we added two mainly green floral arrangements to each side with a bit of natural fall created with more greenery. The result was impeccable, almost as if the leaves were naturally there.

The couple was all smiles when they walked into the reception venue, glowing with love and happiness. We can tell their love story has a long journey ahead, and we couldn’t be happier to be part of such a beautiful union and to have our wedding floral design as part of their memories.

Grace and Gaven's wedding was a splendid affair that beautifully combined the historic elegance of St. Patrick's Cathedral with sophisticated and natural floral designs. From the iconic ceremony venue to the carefully crafted reception, every detail reflected their love and commitment.

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