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Elegant Wedding Ceremony Floral Arch

3 West Club in Manhattan is located off Fifth Avenue. It is a historical building that gives stunning views of the skyline of Manhattan to the guests. We got a chance to do the flower decoration at a wedding held inside 3 West Club recently. The event turned out to be wonderful with our floral décor becoming the talking point among the guests.

New York weddings are famous all over the country and even foreign nationals come over to New York to tie their nuptial knot. There are many florists to look after the flower decorations at the venue of the wedding but the name of Fleurissimo is the most popular and loved one as a New York florist.

Elegant ceremony flower arch in NYC

This was a wedding event that was a quiet and private affair but we did everything in our might as a florist Manhattan to make sure that the arrangement of flowers was elegant and cute looking. We used Emily Rose as main flowers for this wedding arch, the soft color palette of blush greenery and white really sets the tone for the romantic details and styling. The wedding took place in a beautiful season that you could get some local branch like blue berry. We used these branches with blush green leaves to add to the décor of the arch as well, as the centre table.

As you can see from the pictures, the wedding floral arch that was used for the welcome of the guests became so alluring that it left the guests almost speechless. The fact that we freely used branches of Emily and its leaves for making this floral arch spoke volumes about our skills and artistry.

A little spot where pretty shades of champagne and Emily Rose , white lisinthus, also some passion fine

cooktail flower arrangement idea

Finally, the centre table where the guests gathered to raise a toast for the bride and the groom was decorated by us using the same Emily and white and pink roses that we used for the flower arch. The wedding was highly successful and I am glad that the décor created by Fleurissimo was well appreciated by everyone present at the ceremony.

After we finished decoration on 9 floor, we found this is wonderful view here, in front of the building is a beautiful roof garden, all greens make those build much more elegant and passion

Our flower centerpiece is always elegant and classic style

wedding event flower arrangement  in NYC

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