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Wedding Flower Arrangements for Diamond Horseshoe NYC

Our Blog is designed to share ideas and information about seasonal flowers for wedding event flower arrangements NYC, told through stories of florist.

wedding event flower arrangements NYC

As a florist, we know that the industry is always changing, so there are always new things to learn and experience. My dream is to teach classes all over the world and learn new style by seeing how other florists work and arrange flowers in different way. I have received opportunities to do wedding event flower arrangements NYC on many occasions. In fact, Fleurissimo NYC is today a well respected name in and around Manhattan as the most popular wedding florist. We have become famous because of our love for the nature. As a florist, we make many novel experiments by using many different things from the garden.

We got an opportunity to do wedding event flower arrangements NYC in Diamond Horseshoe NYC today, It is a very upscale club located in the basement of Hotel Paramount near Times Square. In this event the flowers we used were Rose, Ranunculus, lithianthus, Dahlias, Hydrangea, and Passion Fine.

We chose white and pink roses for the decoration of the centre table with floating candles and wine glasses added to create a magical effect for the guests. Our flower decoration drew appreciation from the guests and they were left talking to each other about the beauty and elegance of the décor.

We made a huge arch at the entry of the ballroom for the reception of the guests. This mesmerizing arch was made of two large bouquets containing white and pink roses. It caught the attention of all those who came to attend the wedding event.

As a florist, it has been our experience that when these flowers are arranged in an artistic manner with love, they can bring a lot of good feelings to people. These flowers also help in creating a beautiful and magical ambience fit for a wedding event. I have gained tons of experience in flower decoration by doing wedding event flower arrangements NYC in the last few years.

Little apple for floral design

Nature is really important for me as it helps me to find peace. It also gives me a lot of inspiration and new ideas. I saw this little apple branch in flower market in the morning. I want to spread peace in the world by using natural products like this branch. I was so impressed that I picked up the branch which had dozens of small, unripe apples hanging on to it. I used my imagination and used the branch for the decoration of the centre table at this wedding ceremony.

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