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Inspiration for brides who prefer a elegant clean palette for their wedding

We have covered lots of wedding ceremonies and used out expertise and experience to create magical ambience with the help of our flower decoration. This was one wedding that we shall remember for a long time. The bride’s wish was for a elegant palette with a little lush flowers and some texture. This was an unusual desire with most brides saying they want bright and colorful palette in the name of flower decoration. We realized from this request that the bride was looking to a clean palette that looked cute and elegant. .

For weddings, flowers are everything. They not only play a role in making the nuptials vibrant and beautiful but they also dictate the mood. Even the simplest design change in the middle of the ceremony can make all difference. From the floral arch made at the entrance to the ballroom where guests raise a toast for the bride and the groom, flowers and their arrangement adds a touch of glamour. These beautiful and fresh flowers in vibrant colors make the wedding auspicious and special for everyone present during the ceremony.

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This bride’s bouquet was filled with vintage and personal touches, the fresh flowers including white rose, Ranunculus, lithianthus, sweet pea, astilbe, and passion. We wrapped the bouquet so made in lush satin and then covered it with the same lace as bride’s dress. This arrangement and the presentation was our attempt to give it a personal touch. We were happy and pleased to see the glint in the eyes of the bride as she saw the bouquet she had to hold when arriving at the venue of her wedding.

At the bouquet, we have taken the two things we love-weddings and fresh, beautiful flowers-and combined them to bring you the clean and elegant bouquet for your special day. One look at the bride holding the bouquet in her hands will tell you how beautiful and angelic she looked and how well the bouquet complimented her attire. Aisle décor was similarly clean and simple: white hydrangea, orchid and astilbe and cream color of ribbon-tied. The theme was simple and elegant. As the bride walked through the aisle, the flower decoration came alive. This was because we deliberately chose white flowers that matched the beautiful white gown of the bride. .

After living in New York for several years and having worked in Manhattan as a florist designer, I picked up the tricks of the trade. I wanted to do something novel here in the wedding florist market NYC. I am happy and pleased that my selection of flowers and their decoration has been very well appreciated by my customers. We have been able to use our talent to do so many things to make people’s most important day so perfect and so beautiful. No matter what your desires and what the location for your wedding is, give Fleurissimo NYC a chance to do the flower decoration. We will make sure that your wedding turns out to be a truly memorable one.

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