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Bespoke Floral Decoration at Your Wedding

What is a wedding without beautiful and fresh flowers used to decorate the venue? It is these flowers and their arrangement that adds to the décor and helps in making the wedding memorable. We are Fleurissimo NYC, a company that specializes in flower decoration at weddings and other such functions. You have come to the right place if it is your D day that is arriving fast and you are looking for the best wedding florist NYC.

We have created the magic with our selection and arrangement of flowers at dozens of marriage ceremonies in New York and the surrounding areas. We have a unique style of working and we meet the bride and the groom to know about their preferences. This gives us a clear idea for the selections of flowers. We then go about our job of decorating the venue with fresh and beautiful flowers to reflect the dreams and aspirations of the bride and the groom. It is our ability to use flower decoration to add to the glamour and décor of the wedding that makes us the best wedding florist NYC.

wedding florist NYC

One color in flowers that is in high demand among the brides is burgundy. It is indeed a very feminine color and loved by women though most men also feel attracted to burgundy color flowers. We make mind blowing flower decoration using a unique combination of burgundy and blush color palette which is much appreciated by all those who attend the wedding. This floral decoration along with floating candles on the centre table at a wedding ceremony looks alluring and almost angelic. As best wedding florist NYC, we make sure that the centre table at your wedding evet looks stunningly beautiful and mesmerizing.

wedding flower NYC

Drinks and weddings go hand in hand. We are experts in flower decoration on the table where wine is served to the guests. We know how to create a magical jewel tone floral décor for the guests using different flowers and their unique arrangement. The flowers that Fleurissimo NYC uses for this table are dahlia, peach rose, Austin, pink hundrange, and pink stocks. We know how to leave guests speechless and spellbound when they gather around the wine table during the wedding ceremony with the help of our flower decoration. After all, you deserve this much from the best wedding florist NYC.

wedding florist NYC

We create wonderful ambience at the ballroom where the guests gather to have all the fun and enjoyment. With our expertise and the long experience as the best wedding florist NYC, we know how to get your guests talking about the splendid floral decoration in the ballroom.

wedding flowers NYC

Last but not the least; we can help you receive your guests in style through our floral decoration with the help of a flower arch made using beautiful fresh flowers. We are the best wedding florist NYC and we will not leave any stone unturned in making sure that your wedding becomes the talk of the town. Try us for flower decoration at your wedding to make it truly memorable for your guests.

wedding florist NYC

wedding arch NYC

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