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Bespoke Floral Decoration at Your Wedding

What is a wedding without beautiful and fresh flowers used to decorate the venue? It is these flowers and their arrangement that adds to the décor and helps in making the wedding memorable. We are Fleurissimo NYC, a company that specializes in flower decoration at weddings and other such functions. You have come to the right place if it is your D day that is arriving fast and you are looking for the best wedding florist NYC.

We have created the magic with our selection and arrangement of flowers at dozens of marriage ceremonies in New York and the surrounding areas. We have a unique style of working and we meet the bride and the groom to know about their preferences. This gives us a clear idea for the selections of flowers. We then go about our job of decorating the venue with fresh and beautiful flowers to reflect the dreams and aspirations of the bride and the groom. It is our ability to use flower decoration to add to the glamour and décor of the wedding that makes us the best wedding florist NYC.