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Boutonnire's Secert Garden

Boutonnière is a French word for buttonhole. It is a flower decoration consisting a single flower or bud and used by men in a wedding event. Boutonnière is worn on the chest and it is pinned on the lapel collars of the formal coat. There are many different ways of creating the magic with a Boutonnière. Here are some tips to make sure that your Boutonnière looks stunning and makes you stand out from the rest of the males in a wedding ceremony.

Tips #1

If marriage is taking place in a cold region like Colorado and that too during the winter season, it is a good idea to incorporate winter theme by making use of small lotus pods, privet berries and dusty miller. After arranging these three ingredients, you can accentuate the Boutonnière with the help of a pheasant feather. Now wrap the decoration using a velvet ribbon.

Tip #2

If you are desirous of something new and exciting, this decoration of flowers to cover the entire square pocket of the coat will help you in becoming the centre of attraction. The shape of this Boutonnière is not conventional but it looks fuller and enchanting. The three main ingredients used in this flower decoration are buds of Ranunculus and Helleborus, immature blackberries, and fancy fern. The trick lies in slipping a square piece of cardboard inside the square pocket with about 1.5 inches peeping out of the pocket. Cover this part of the cardboard with velvet and then pin up the ingredients on to the cardboard to crate this magical Boutonnière.

Tip #3

If your wish is to keep your Boutonnière small and delicate, you will love this particular arrangement. The only things used for creating this Boutonnière are small white rose flower and lamb’s ear foliage. Just place the rose over the foliage and tuck this petite looking Boutonnière over the buttonhole of your suit or jacket pocket.

Tip #4

If you are not satisfied with an ordinary Boutonnière and have a desire to show off your restive talent, this arrangement of flower decoration will do the job for you. This Boutonnière looks like a cross between the conventional shape and the square pocket shape. It is also a unique combination of bridal bouquet that also boasts of groom’s masculinity and robustness. Blue thistle, white wax flower, Craspedia, and Brunia have been wrapped together in this unique decoration which has an open stem look.

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