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Love in air

Every girl wants the world to know she is loved, Especially Valentine’s Day is in less than two weeks, Are you planning to express your love by arranging an romantic flower arrangement or bouquet?

Valentine’s Day means work over time to all florists, I used to work over night every year when I have a small flower shop in SH, because at that time we don’t have big coolers like most florist shop have in NYC, so we had to hand tied all bouquets on 13th to make sure it will deliver on time at Valentine’s Day. The same time ,most of my friends who is available during those days will be our freelance assistance to our flower shop, they come to help us condition all the flowers ,clean the room and deliver flowers. I still can remember everything like it just happen yesterday. I miss that moment that I got so many support from my friends .

There is one thing kind of funny and embarrassed for me to say it out now, I remember one year I am really exhausted for work over night, and the other day is also big busy day for retail store on Valentine’s Day, my shop stand over 20 customer wait online, I am losing myself to start crying after heard a joke which is not so nice from one of customer, he is not really mean but start impatience. But still we tried our best take cared of all our customers , and make them leave with smile on the face.

To be a floral designer, it is part of our job that don’t let holiday rush cramp out style.

These designs prove that a Valentine’s day floral menu needn’t be overly complex or time consuming to offer WOW-worthy looks that customers will crave.

If you are looking for some inspiration about Valentine’s flower idea in NYC, please check our website, we are not only one of the best wedding florist in NYC, we also your choice of Valentine’s Day florist .

We are Fleurissimo Floral Design NYC, we are work with flowers to speak out your love and feeling. Our dream is make your dreams come true with flowers.

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