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Mellisa’s Bright & Bold Wedding Flowers / New York City Wedding Florist

Wedding venue : lincoln square synagogue 180 Amsterdam Ave, Manhattan, NY 10023

Wedding Floral Design : Fleurissimo NYC Inc

Wedding Date: September 2nd 2018

It was such an amazing experience working with Mellisa, she is such a lovely person and I am filled with gratitude towards her for trusting me to provide the beautiful flowers for her wedding day. I have a strong Chinese accent, and I’m always a little nervous about meeting clients for the first time because it’s hard to express how I stand out from all the other New York City wedding florists. Melissa put me at ease immediately, she was so friendly and I felt as though we had already known each other. With great efficiency she familiarized me with the venue, showing me the ballroom, the cocktail area and where the ceremony would take place.

Melissa let me know that she wanted a bright and bold color theme and also wanted to include an accent of cute little succulents in her table arrangements. This is the perfect floral season for lush, rich and vivid colors so I created a beautiful sample arrangement and sent her a picture. She loved it immediately! She admitted that she had been nervous that the arrangement might not live up to her expectations but that she turned out to be so happy with the results. I told her that I had been nervous too but that it made me relax when I saw the big smile on her face!