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Weekly Flower Subscription Service For Special Friends

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Except wedding and event arrangement floral design, weekly flower subscription in NYC is also one of our services. For all the time, my blog motivation is my lovely clients. I am so grateful to be able to know so many wonderful person and beautiful stories because of my job. I would love to keep updating my blog, so that I can share all the story with everyone.

Just as every regular workday morning, a very elegant lady came into my store, nice and delicate. She picked some succulent plants that she liked,when I was checking her out,she asked me: “Are you happy?”, I said “ Yes,I love my job, it brings me so much joy!” She told me that lots of people don’t like their jobs, they complain about it every single day, so I’m really lucky. I think she was right, sometime I feel tired or even exhausted too, but positive influences that my job brings me are way much more than I expected, so I always feel grateful and lucky to work on what I love.

After a while, I received an email from a client asking for service that if I can design some plants based on the style of the house. When I arrived, I was so surprised that this client is she, the lady who told me that I am lucky, Anita. She treated me as a friend, we talked and talked, she told me her story, her interior decoration, source of each piece of furniture and painting. That conversation inspired me a lot.

I went to farm and picked some cute plants in different styles, also chose some nice flowerpots, made these plants for her.

Not only I provide customized plants design, but also I provide maintenance services for plants. Anita was very happy that I can set up everything before her travel to Europe. She told me that every year she goes to Italy and stays there for few months, she also goes to Amsterdam for beautiful flowers there. At the same time, she has few charity school programs at India,so she does return visit every year.

For Anita, we provide weekly flower subscriptions service in NYC, so we’ll meet each other regularly. I’m looking forward to see her again, I believe she will bring me lots of wonderful stories about her trip.

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