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A Romantic New York Wedding

As a NYC Florist, nothing gives me greater pleasure than providing flowers for a wedding that pays tribute to this glorious place; with the bride and groom travelling in style in a classic New York yellow taxi!

Dan and Gurtline recently tied the knot at the beautiful Grand Oaks Country Club in Staten Island, New York. The bride chose a fresh and unique colour scheme based on the colour of peacock feathers with purples, pinks and blues; blue being cleverly brought into the colour scheme with the groom’s amazing blue suit!

Fleurissimo loved creating Gurtline’s bridal bouquet, combining soft pastel tones of lilac, pink and white. The finishing touch was a drape of blush silk to tie this beautiful bouquet together. The bouquet complemented the theme perfectly and while the flowers stood out for all the right reasons, they did not take away from the beauty of the bride’s gorgeous dress! We also had the task of providing the bridesmaids’ flowers and opted for simple yet stunning white flowers that looked beautiful against their tiffany blue gowns.

The focal point for Dan and Gurtline’s big day was the mode of transport; the yellow taxi! Yellow taxis have been around since the 1920s and have long been considered a symbol of New York. Dan and Gurtline not only travelled in style as newlyweds, they also had a unique and quirky backdrop to their wedding photos and Fleurissimo love the contrast between the colours of the bridal bouquet and the bright yellow taxi sitting proudly behind the happy couple! These photos will surely be ones to show family and friends for years to come.

It has been a year full of uncertainty across the world but it was an absolute pleasure to be a small part of this couple’s special day by providing their wedding flowers. As a NYC Florist, we absolutely love that Dan and Gurtline chose to incorporate a classic yellow taxi into their day and we hope it provides you with some inspiration for your big day too!

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