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Wedding At New York Yacht Club In Manhattan | Fleurissimo NYC | Manhattan Wedding Florist

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Bridal & Groom : Ashley Rose & Robert Maisano

Ceremony : The players

Wedding Venue : New York Yacht Club

Wedding Photographer :Deveren Fogle

Wedding Floral Design : Fleurissimo NYC

Wedding Date : Sept 21, 2019

Being an NYC florist in this modern age, consulting with a client doesn’t necessarily mean meeting face to face – apps, video calling, cloud sharing, Pinterest mood boards... There are so many ways we can connect to create your perfect wedding or event florals without ever first meeting in person.

And that’s exactly how I worked with wonderful bride Ashley Rose for her big day!

Ashley works in another state, but was getting married right in the heart of Manhattan, so needed a NYC florist that she could trust to deliver her wedding vision – with a little help from her New York based family! She found me online, and chatted to me over messaging to get a feel for how I work, my design ideas and of course if I was available for the big day.

After this initial online consultation, Ashely had to run back to work, but put me in touch with her mom, and soon to be mother in law to help with the planning of the florals, and even though I gleamed a lot of information from Ashley herself in the online discussion, it was meeting her family that really helped me understand how I could deliver on the details for this special day.

From the very first meeting with her mom, Katrine, I could feel the special connection she has to her daughter. She was wonderfully kind, open and thoughtful, and shared some special insights into their family, which really helped my personal connection to the wedding party bloom. It’s the little stories about the bride and family that gave me extra ideas about how I can design the floral arrangements.

Laura, Ashley’s mother in law, was equally sweet and insightful. She told me she married her husband at the New York Yacht Club many years ago, and how it is wasexciting for her to see her son getting married there too. The memories, love and nostalgia began to flow, which any New York florist would just lap up for inspiration. Being an interior designer, Laura had some fantastic ideas and a keen eye for color pallets, and even offered to provide some of the fabric for the wedding arches, as well as decorating the stage at the ceremony venue, The Player. 

Meeting the two mothers of the bridal party gave me all the all the information and inspiration I needed to create the perfect florals for Ashley. The wedding color theme was the modern classics of white and blush, and we decided to incorporate muted toned foliage for an organic yet sophisticated design. Using full and lush hydrangea, we paired that with the foliage, roses, dahlias and accents of anemones which meant the centerpieces perfectly matched the reception venue décor. 

And the first time I met Ashley? Well that was on her wedding day! Seeing how happy she, and her family were with the florals is the ultimate reward for any florist. I could feel the love and pride from Katrine and Laura when meeting with them, and I carried that feeling through to the romantic, sweet design of the flowers. 

With open and loving communication like I encountered with this client, it means a long-distance design was perfectly executed. Not meeting your wedding florist in person might seem like a nerve-wracking decision or even quite a big gamble, but in this information sharing world, I can easily create your ideal centerpieces, bouquets and more without needing to meet beforehand!

Check more wedding pictures here

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