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Best bloom for your family or friends

You may not realize the importance of family and friends when you are living close to them. It is only when you have to go to a faraway land and live there for studies or work that you start to feel loneliness. As a suburbanite in New York for last two years, the above are all my feelings from deep inside. I became emotional upon reaching Shanghai, a city where I lived for over 15 years .

All my great memories are associated with Shanghai. I realize that the most important reason behind these happy memories was the fact that I was then living close to my family and friends. I enjoy the time I can simply nip around the corner for a coffee and a catch-up.

I remember one of my friends Rebecca who is a successful businesswoman in Shanghai. She advised her son before he moved to US :” where you live, where is your home of happiness ”. And she also told me that:” there is nothing impossible, if you are strong enough” Be strong is my motto every day, but also I got upset sometimes when my friend said to me again and again:’’hi girl, I know you are strong” ,I want to say once here, whatever how strong you are, you are never strong enough for everything .there is so many moment that we feel remote and like we are drifting apart. At that time , the caring and understanding from friends will be very important to us.

Yes, we are easy access to internet, social media, and instant messaging apps. Despite all the modern technological means to communicate with family and friend, As a florist in Manhattan ,I truly understand the power of flowers, I never forgot any special occasion from my friends. The flower bouquets and Orchid plants are most of my choice to show my love to them on their special day. when they told me how much they enjoy those beautiful arrangements , I can feel the same happiness as them.

flower arrangement NYC

Flower delivery in NYC is a great way of sending flowers to the one you love or care, let the flowers speak out out loves . We at Fleurissimo NYC offer luxury hand tied flower bouquets delivered in NYC. We are one of the few florists that offers same day hand tied flower bouquets in NYC area.

flower delivery NYC

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