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Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette With Fleurissimo | NYC Florist

You’re engaged, you’ve found the perfect wedding venue and now you’re keen to start planning every part of your special day; the wedding dress, the decor, and most importantly the flowers (although we may be a little biased at Fleurissimo, NYC florist!)

But before you start thinking about these all-important and exciting details, it is essential to decide on your color scheme first. Fleurissimo have put together a guide on how to help you decide; no need to thank us!

How many colors?

When you first start thinking about your color palette, we agree that it can be overwhelming! There are just so many colors to choose from! Wedding planners tend to agree that the perfect color palette consists of between 3 to 5 colours. Your wedding flowers are one of the easiest ways to incorporate all of the colors you choose and help to link the different components of your big day together


Does shade matter?

So when you think you have your colors sorted, you are thrown into another problem; which shades of the colors should you choose? How many shades? Just one shade?

Fleurissimo understands you may wish to only go with one shade of the colors you have chosen but actually we don’t recommend this; it can be incredibly difficult to get exactly the same shade in all of your wedding details! It is far easier to choose a few shades of each color in your palette so you don’t have the stress of hunting down a very specific shade in everything from your bridesmaid dresses to the candle sticks on your head table!

Speaking specifically about wedding flowers, it can be very difficult to source an exact shade and can cause your bouquet to look robotic and un-natural! Choosing a few shades will take the pressure off and will mean wedding planning is fun- exactly as it should be!

Consider the season

If you are struggling to decide on a color palette, you may want to think about the time of year you are choosing to say ‘I do’. Although there are no rules about when to have specific colors, couples tend to follow a bit of a pattern. Deeper colours such as red, navy and pine green are all popular choices for winter weddings (although not all together!) whereas summer couples tend to go for softer, pastel colors such as blush, peach and sage green. Considering the season will help you to narrow down the choices!

Ask us!

If you are still unsure of a color palette or you would like a second opinion on one you’re considering, please do get in touch with us. As a NYC florist, Fleurissimo have plenty of experience in color schemes and can guide you in the right direction. Take a look at our Pinterest page for some inspiration!

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