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Rachel & Justin’s Wedding At Oceanblue | Fleurissimo NYC | Westhampton Beach Wedding

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Wedding Date: 06/17 /2023

Bride & Groom: Rachel & Justin

Wedding Venue: Oceanblue

Floral Design: Fleurissimo NYC 

Wedding planner : Jordan Michelle

Floral Design: Fleurissimo NYC

Wedding floral design is an art, where natural beauty is arranged into the perfect decoration for each couple. At Fleurissimo NYC, we pride ourselves on crafting unique designs for wedding flowers that encapsulate the essence of each couple and the wedding of their dreams. Rachel and Justin’s wedding by the seaside is just one example of this, where floral design takes a celebration of love to the next level of elegance and uniqueness.

This wedding sets a delicate, warm ambiance with a color palette of toffee and peach, beautifully contrasting against the details in burgundy. All this was painted over the amazing canvas that was Rachel and Justin’s wedding venue: Oceanbleu, a gorgeous beachfront setting, where the azure waves of the sea wash onto the white sandy beach.

This venue is perfect for those looking for a fresh, yet rustic atmosphere for their wedding, that is still neutral enough for each couple to give their own spin to it

The ceremony took place right at the beach, in a private and intimate space, where our floral wedding arch served as the perfect frame for the most important moment of the wedding: saying “I do”. The arch was subtle and elegant, such as to not take attention away from the moment, while still blending seamlessly into the ocean backdrop. Here, the deep burgundy stands against the turquoise sea washing onto the beige sand.

When it comes to the bridal bouquet, this is where floral design becomes the cornerstone of a wedding, the bouquet is the one floral arrangement that everyone will see and that will show up in every photograph.

The bouquet and the dress are the two most important parts of planning a wedding, and Rachel’s was no exception. The organic, free-form shape of the bouquet, as well as the pops of burgundy, made this stunning arrangement stand out and pair up with the elegant silhouette of her dress. The bridesmaids wore a simple and classy bouquet that was kept in neutral shades of toffee and peach, such as to not overpower the burgundy dresses they wore to the event.

Keeping a rustic, yet fresh look for the reception, guests were welcomed to the venue with a grand display of all the shades of the color scheme coming together for a gorgeous arrangement. For the wedding centerpieces, these kept the same neutral palette with only some hints of orangish shades and burgundy strokes of color. For the rest of the table, a minimal golden look made the centerpieces take the spotlight.

Throughout the venue, its delicate architecture served as a blank paper where our designs could shine, giving life to the reception and every space surrounding it.

Rachel and Justin’s wedding is the perfect example of how flowers can completely transform a space, taking a fresh, carefree, beachfront setting to a level of elegance and sophistication that can only be achieved through the art of floral design. The carefully chosen palette of toffee, peach, and burgundy hues was the perfect pairing for the deep blue sea and the white sandy beach of Oceanbleu.

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