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Prince George Ballroom New York | NYC best wedding florist - | Fleurissimo NYC

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Bridal & Groom : Melissa & Brian

Wedding Venue : Prince George Ballroom

Photographter : Cynthia Chung

Wedding Date : May18th 2019

It’s always a pleasure to hear our sweet brides call us NYC best wedding florist! Working with Melissa was a joy to work with. After months of planning it felt like we were old friends, and to be honest I am sad her wedding day has already come and gone! Her attention to detail and overall vision for her Chinese wedding was astounding.

We worked together to come up with the perfect plan for her Spring wedding. Using a blend of inspirational photos, Pinterest boards, and even a movie clip the design came together beautifully. She wanted lots of bright, vibrant colors incorporated into her wedding design. Pops of gold, fresh cherry blossoms, bright reds, purples and oranges made it all come to life beautifully. It was a risky blend of color choices she thought, but it couldn’t have been any more beautiful!

From show-stopping cherry blossom centerpieces to a unique flower wall at their reception there was so much we did for their design. Melissa wrote, “The flower arrangements Annie put together literally took my breath away and did so every. single. time. that I looked at them.” Paired with their gorgeous wedding venue, the Prince George Ballroom, it was a stunning sight. I have to say it, this is how you do a Manhattan wedding ceremony right!

Really, it was such a huge honor to work with Brian & Melissa to make their vision come to life. Working with incredible people makes this amazing job a true joy. It also will always mean the world to me to hear such kind words from couples after their wedding day. I do not take it lightly that they called me NYC best wedding florist! If you want to see more of their kind review, head here

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