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Mansion At West Sayville Wedding | Fleurissimo | NYC Florist

Mansion At West Sayville, New York, is more than a picturesque summer vacation destination. Its shores host a hidden gem, an event venue with breathtaking waterfront views, the perfect background for a romantic wedding. Our couple chose this magnificent location to tie the knot. Their selection of colors and textures gave their celebration a truly unique style, along with the perfection of their florals from one of the best NYC wedding florist.

Suppose you are currently looking for a romantic and secluded wedding venue for your wedding. In that case, you should definitely consider Mansion at West Sayville. The property was originally built in the 1900s. It has a luxurious style, with many opportunities for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. The patio completely covered by glass is a unique feature, and what to say about the adjacent docks.

The style of this wedding was something in between botanical, romantic, and a little bit boho. Details like our bride's wedding dress, with a beautiful plunging neckline, a delicate lace from top to bottom, and a romantic silhouette, were the perfect match for a unique bridal bouquet.

As an NYC wedding florist, I found the combination of ivory garden roses with unique foliage and the Pincushion Protea as the protagonist of the bridal bouquet a total success. The bridesmaids had a similar bouquet that perfectly matched the deep emerald green of their dresses.

We usually focus on the bridal style, but this time we need to ing up the striking look of the groom, who not only went along with the overall aesthetic of his wedding but pulled it off, adding a peculiar texture to his outfit. Something as simple as a patterned bowtie and handkerchief in the same emerald green as the waistcoat was enough to make him look amazing. And to top it all off, a boutonnière with a contrasting burgundy main flower was carefully made by their NYC wedding florist.

Lastly, we need to talk about the romance and natural charm the centerpieces of their reception had. Any florist NYC can only dream about having the chance to put together the delicacy of small flowers mixed with foliage to create a dreamy centerpiece that looks like you just took off a piece of a garden and placed it on the table.

The magic of this organic-looking design for the centerpieces comes from playing with a variety of flowers and with sizes, colors, and depth. The illusion created from placing big flowers in one layer and then smaller ones deep under and foliage is amazing. You can also compare this centerpiece design with an English garden-inspired one, but with the peculiarity of being more on the side of wildflowers.

Being part of a celebration of love such as a wedding is always an honor, and this amazing wedding was such a treat for us as NYC wedding florists. The outstanding location of this wedding venue, the magic of natural light shining over the guests, the waterfront as a picture-perfect backdrop, and every detail the couple carefully picked to make this wedding unique certainly paid off.

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