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Bride & Groom: Whitney & Albert

Ceremony: thebordonelic

Makeup: sachikohairmake

Wedding Date: May 16, 2021

Wedding Floral : Fleurissimo NYC

Wedding Photographer: Danayucreative

Our sweet bridal Whitney become very nice friends with us after her wedding, I guess she won't image that when she searching NYC florist for her wedding flowers :) she shared her love story to us, we want share with every one about it with those gorgeous "Sunset" florals!

Whitney & Albert met each other at New York University their freshman year through the Asian American Christian Fellowship.

They secretly thought the other was cute but due to many reasons, it took them another 3 years to actually start dating. By coincidence, they took the same accounting class their senior year and started hanging out to study together.

During those late nights, they started getting to know each other better and realized they had a lot to talk about.

One night, they found themselves on an accidental dinner date after their friends all bailed and they ended up talking until the restaurant closed and kicked them out. For those who know Albert, he is one of the least talkative people ever and Whitney was surprised by how much he opened up to her.

From that moment on, the mutual interest was undeniable and soon after Albert asked Whitney to be his girlfriend.

Since it happened right before winter break, she took a month to "think about it" but she was always going to say yes! 4 years later, she said yes again to getting married at the same spot where Albert first asked her out.

Although their original wedding celebration was postponed due to Covid, they got married in a small ceremony in Central Park in May 2020 and came back exactly a year later to celebrate their one year anniversary with friends and family!

As wedding florist in NYC, we are feel so blessed to meet so many amazing customer all the time, to hear their love story ,make us still believe in love, we wish everyone laugh as much as you can, love as long as you live !

If you are looking for NYC florist for your upcoming event or wedding, we are here for you :)

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