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Sharaddha & Matt, A Hindu wedding celebration at Marina Del Rey | Fleurissimo NYC | NYC Florist

Close your eyes and imagine being invited to a wedding in the Bronx; what do you see? A waterfront wedding venue overlooking magnificent views of Long Island, blue skies reflecting in the sea as the couple walks down the aisle? Well, for Sharaddha and Matt, this dream came true while they tied the knot.

Marina del Rey was the perfect wedding venue for a beautiful and colorful Hindu wedding celebration. We loved the many elements a Hindu wedding has, from the multiple celebrations and ceremonies to the magical wedding attires. And when you have such an amazing setting to celebrate a wedding, the opportunities to shine are plenty.

You can use many spaces within the wedding venue to host your ceremony, for example, the waterfront space with a classic gazebo, surrounded by charming gardens and views of the sea. A waterfront-covered patio is also available to help you with bad weather and is perfect for a cocktail hour. There is no need to add much décor, but if you have the best Bronx wedding florist, we can come up with unique ideas to create beautiful floral pieces.

For the magnificent wedding between Sharaddha and Matt, we delivered a mix of color tones, including peach, ivory, orange, dusty pink, and greenery. We kept the flow of the blooms natural as if you had just taken a bunch of flowers from a garden and placed them on the tables. The bases had a rusty tone that matched the flower's color palette.

Bronx wedding florists are the best for bringing color and style together; we love to have weddings in all styles, the classic ivory, green, and the vibrant and colorful ones. Our couple had amazing ideas, and we put our magic into every celebration detail. Having such a beautiful wedding venue was a treat, too. The indoor spaces are mainly inspired by Italian architecture, with plenty of natural light, luxurious finishes, and details like sparkling chandeliers and columns surrounding the reception areas.

And one of the best features is the outdoor spaces where our couple had the chance to take portraits. Regardless of the time of the day, the beauty of Marina del Rey is amazing. During the day, you have the sea and the blue skies soaring from any point you look, and at night you get to see the well-illuminated spaces and shiny lights around the same spots. The docks and the gazebo are a must when it comes to your wedding day photos.

We hope you fell in love with this wedding and the beauty of every detail. If you are beginning to plan your wedding and still looking for a Bronx wedding florist, we at Fleurissimo NYC are happy to help and be part of your upcoming celebration. Visit us, and let's start planning the wedding of your dreams.

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