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Tharani and Ravi's Wedding at Leonard's Palazzo || New York Wedding Floral Design || Fleurissimo NY

Tharani and Ravi Jha had a beautiful Indian wedding that Fleurissimo got to participate in. We loved working with this couple and helping to beautify their wedding as their NYC florist . Their celebration took place at Leonard’s Palazzo, which was gorgeous and had fantastic facilities. Tharani and Ravi Jha’s wedding was such a beauty to behold; here is how the day went.

  • The Wedding Venue

Leonard’s Palazzo is a fantastic NYC wedding venue located on Long Island. It can host up to 1000 wedding guests and has breathtaking indoor and outdoor spaces. You’ll love the luxury this venue exudes. The food is also fantastic. Their chefs are talented in cultural, ethnic, and international cuisines. The elegance and top-notch service offered at Leonard’s Palazzo make it one of the top favorites in NYC.

  • Florals for Tharani and Ravi Jha’s Wedding

Flowers add to the beauty of an event. You can always use flowers to make your celebration more elegant and romantic. That is the effect we were able to achieve as the NYC florist at this wedding. Here are some of the details of this wedding where we exhibited our talent for gorgeous wedding florals.

  • Bride’s Bouquet

We loved putting together the gorgeous bouquet of the bride at this wedding. It was a simple combination of white flowers and greenery. It looked stunning in contrast to her colorful sari, and she was so delighted with it. We also had a flower with a faint blush in there to add a little bit of diversity to the bouquet, and it was gorgeous,

  • Sweetheart Seats

The Sweetheart Seats are the center of attention for most of the wedding. This is because the couple is there and they are who the celebration is about. The two lovely column vases of flowers and greenery greatly complemented this setting. It added just the right amount of beauty without distracting the lovely couple themselves. It had white and blush pink flowers with overflowing greenery.

  • The Wedding Cake

Using flowers to decorate your wedding cake is a great idea. That’s what we did for this wedding, and the results were fantastic. The blush pink and white flowers went wonderfully with the other colors on the wedding cake. We also left the greens on this cake to add to the fun rustic vibe at this celebration.

  • Guestbook Table

The guestbook table is one of the first things you encounter when walking into a wedding reception. It is a lovely way for guests to indicate that they were around to celebrate with you. Many couples forget about the décor for this table until the last minute and then rush the décor team. That didn’t happen at this wedding. Tharani and Ravi Jha received a lovely flower stand that helped to enhance the mood at their event and welcome guests.

  • Reception Space

Last but not least was the lovely reception space at Leonardo’s Palazzo. There was a stunning centerpiece on each table with beautiful flowers and greenery overflowing. It helped to add to the ambiance of romance at this wedding.

  • In Conclusion

We loved handling the floral details at Tharani and Ravi Jha’s beautiful Long Island wedding. It was a beautiful celebration, and our flowers helped to enhance the venue. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special wedding Tharani and Ravi Jha.

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