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Vicky Water's pastel wedding at Stonebridge country club | Fleurissimo NYC | LI Wedding florists

Carefully trimmed greens surrounded this magnificent wedding ceremony celebrated in the beautiful Smithtown, NY. Vicky Water's pastel dreams came true with the help of Long Island wedding florists, and we made sure they had the most amazing florals and colors to match their style perfectly.

The surrounding views matched perfectly with the freshness of the centerpieces and the beauty of their head table. Indoors you could find a hexagonal backdrop piece with greenery and garden-style décor placed upon the wooden table. A couple of romantic details on the floor, such as florals and lanterns, provide a cozy feel.

Each centerpiece also had a lantern to match the rest of the décor. Long Island wedding florists love to have main pieces like this one. The inspiration for the color palette came from dreamy pastels, having different shades of purple, lilac, pink, blush, and ivory. All our florals had a natural and garden-like style, allowing each flower to take its place and move.

The outdoor setting was magnificent, and we could not miss the opportunity to add some of our beauties to a wooden ceremony chuppah. They also had a natural movement, following the pastel vibe from the centerpieces and head table indoors. Garden roses in pastel colors, along with longer branches with smaller florals, made it all look perfect.

We chose to stick with the pastel light color palette for the bridal bouquet. With small hints of lilac and pink, predominantly green and ivory gave the bridal bouquet a special touch making all Long Island wedding florists dream come true. There was a sense of romanticism and freshness in each corner of this wedding.

We love to see pastel colors in our spring weddings, and they look so beautiful when you add green outdoor space to the mix. If you are currently planning your wedding and looking for inspiration to choose a color palette or style for the celebration, here are a couple of photos from this romantic wedding celebrated in Stonebridge Country Club.

Keep in mind you can always make a general style your own by personalizing it with details like the lanterns we added; you can also have tapper candles and block candles for a candlelit reception. And if you wish to keep it within one color, we can help you add a monochromatic feel to your wedding. Come and visit us to start planning the wedding of your dreams today. We at Fleurissimo NYC have plenty of experience organizing Long Island and New York weddings.

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