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Wedding Flowers In Brooklyn | Fleurissimo | Wedding Florist In Long Island NY

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

It can’t be denied that Corona Virus has hit the wedding industry hard. Not only has it affected weddings here in New York, but it has had an impact worldwide. Many couples have chosen to postpone their big day until it all blows over in the hope of saying ‘I do’ with fewer or no restrictions. However, many couples are choosing to be creative with their weddings so that they can still go ahead; here is just one beautiful example of how Fleurissimo were able to help a couple in Brooklyn and uphold our reputation as one of the best wedding florist in Long Island NY.

This lovely client chose to not let the virus spoil his and his fiancée’s special day and Fleurissimo were delighted when we got the call to help them design their intimate wedding. With the ceremony in just two weeks, we got straight to work implementing their vision, with the sole aim of refusing to let the virus dampen their day and turning their wedding hopes and dreams into reality.

Learning that purple is the bride’s favorite color, we designed a color scheme around shades of purple and blue. For the focal point of the ceremony, we created a flower arch with gorgeous roses in different shades of purple, softened with foliage. Vibrant blue delphinium were the perfect finishing touch, dotted throughout the arch to give a nod to the tradition of ‘something blue’. We created matching flower arrangements with silk ribbon to place around the couple when saying those all-important vows. Knowing that the ceremony was going to take place on the couple’s balcony at their Brooklyn apartment, we knew that the flower arch would look magical in front of the city backdrop. And we were not wrong!

Perhaps you are a couple who have decided to postpone your special day or maybe you have recently got engaged and are unsure of how and when to take the next step. We at Fleurissimo hope that this dreamy alternative wedding has provided some much-needed inspiration for you at this very strange time.

Our clients proved that intimate weddings surrounded by just your closest friends and family can be just as beautiful as large weddings and that with our help, the smallest and emptiest of spaces can be transformed into a ceremony of dreams.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with this wonderful couple and we cannot wait to help other couples in New York planning a backyard wedding. We look forward to continuing our reputation at Fleurissimo as one of the best wedding florist in Long island NY. Please do not hesitate to get in touch; it would be an honor to help you!

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